The Worthing History Forum

Chairman Anthony Brook

PROGRAMME for 2012/13


October 25          Talk   Pam Wilson and Chris Vowells
                                         The Canadians in Wartime Worthing’

November 22      10th Anniversary Meeting
The Chairman presents:
                                         ‘Who owned Worthing in 1872?’

December 13         Christmas Meeting
Film  Old Worthing Village…then and now’
                                           Worthing Village Heritage Project


January 24            Talk   Educational Anniversaries: sesquicentennial
                                            ‘Sion School at 150’

February 28         Talk   Educational Anniversaries: bicentennial
                                            ‘Davison School at 200’

March 28               Open Meeting

April 25                 Talk  David Sumner
                                          ‘The Connaught: Worthing’s Repertory Theatre’

May 23                     Annual Worthing Heritage Walk

June 27                    A. G. M./Open Meeting


If you are interested in the History of Worthing

Come along to one of our Meetings


We meet at St. Paul's Centre, Richmond Road, Worthing
7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.


For further information, please contact the Chairman

Tel: - 01903 233418


Payment by Annual Subscription, or per Meeting