This map was drawn and painted by Alfred W. Langrish in 1990.

Alfred was born in May 1909 in a terrace house in Middle Street Portslade. This map represents Alf's memories of the Portslade he grew up in and his childhood interests.
He was the first of seven children born to Alfred (snr) and Florence Langrish. He spent much of his time at his Grandparents house in Wellington Road. An industrious household where the skills of wine making, jam and fruit preserves and cooking were fully explored. His two Aunts would spend many hours sewing; making their own clothes, cushion covers, chair backs, mantelpiece runners, shelf covers and edgings and mats made from serge and wool.
Home-made health tonics and remedies were made from hedgerow plants collected on the Downs close by. Entertainment would be a trip to the local Portslade Cinema or on a Sunday evening a trip to the Salvation Hall North Street to hear the band and have a good sing-song.
Alternatively an evening at home playing the piano would be sufficient. His Grandfather kept an allotment for growing vegetables and flowers for the house. He worked at the Portslade gas works and travelled to and from work on the ferry across the canal.
Shopping would mean a daily trip to the North Street shops. Small and varied shops; chemists, green grocers, newsagents, butchers, the usual array of everyday shops.
This was a typical household, like many families who lived and worked locally in the early 1900's in Portslade.

Alf grew up doing the things boys did in those days; swimming and crabbing in the canal, watching the Elvers in 'Salt Daisy Lake' (now the lagoon). Walking and exploring the Downland with its flocks of sheep and shepherds. He lived in a time when tradesmen would call at your door selling their wares; Winkle-men, Watercress-men, Muffet and Crumpet men and Milkmen who would ladle out your milk for you.

When more brothers and sisters arrived the family moved to the next street Church Road, Portslade close to the Britannia Flour Mills with it's garage for the steam waggons. St Peters School close by was only 5 minutes dash away!

The border of the map is inspired by the time Alf spent as a submariner in the Royal Navy. The yellow and black shield is the Langrish Coat of Arms.

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