Rights & Wrongs
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Rights and Wrongs

The material presented here is the result of hours of amateur research by myself and others. 
Please respect those efforts and the inherent rights, including copyright.

You may use the material for private study and research, provided that acknowledgement is always given.
Always check details before reliance on them, errors and omissions happen, no responsibility can be accepted for your failure to check.
If you find an error, please advise me or the author so it may be corrected asap.

Where the works of others are included I have sought to credit and respect their rights. 
Intellectual property law is a complicated field, but I always look to satisfy the spirit, if I fail in the letter.
If you feel that I have failed in this and wish your work to be credited etc., please contact me with full details, including the URL.

Updated 09 March, 2010
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