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Sussex History - East Preston - Manors 1066 - 1800
Sussex History - East Preston Saltpans ?
Sussex History - Kingston Chapel
sussex History - Kingston Well
Sussex History - C20th East Preston
Sussex History - The Schools

East Preston with adjoining Kingston and District

Here are some articles by local historian R. W. Standing of East Preston near Littlehampton in West Sussex.

He is a contributor to 'West Sussex History' and has a number of publications which are available from the local libraries.

Contact by email:- RW Standing

Presented here by his kind permission the following topics are covered with links to the pages as they appear here, it is intended that this selection will grow as it is updated to reflect recent research :-

Note: Many of the sections are from existing limited publications, but amendments may be made to these sections in due course of time that will not be found in the other publications.

Early East Preston & Kingston

Bounds of the Parish and Manor
South Saxon Settlement and Doomsday
Lord of the Manor 1066 to 1800
Before the Black Death
The Sea Eateth the Land
The Sussex Estates of the Palmer Family
14th to 16th Centuries
Probate Inventories
East Preston Houses and Farms
Kingston Farms
Sussex Maps
16th to 18th Centuries
Early Church and Parish
Principal Families: family trees

The Age of the Squire
The 19th Century
Sections to follow

Reading Writing and Riot
Bushby and the East Preston and Kingston Schools
Part I
Sections to follow

East Preston Union and Workhouse
The Gilbert Union 1791 - 1869
Sections to follow

East Preston and Kingston Parishes
The Church and Parish
Sections to follow

East Preston and Kingston in the 20th Century

Fair Place and other Street Names
House Histories
The Warren Family and Estate
Land Owners c1905
Miriam Gent and the Littlehampton Hospital
YMCA and other Clubs and the Cricket Field
The Post Office and Shops
Artists Colony
Mr Hollis and South Strand
Willowhayne House and Estate
Council Estates
The Great War
The Second War

Miscellaneous Articles

Kingston Chapel

The Kingston Well 1980/81


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